Friday, April 15, 2016


This is the most influential science fiction novel of all time and you still haven't read it yet. It's the story of a desert landscape and desert people, who must wear special suits to retain the moisture of their bodies, living on a planet with the most valuable substance in the universe that basically allows for interstellar travel while the rest of the political powers in the galactic empire fight for control of this desert planet. If none of that means anything to you, if you cannot make some connections between the world of the book and Earth of today, then where have you been living? Do you watch the news? This book is dripping with relevance for our modern day like the ocean is wet with the salty liquid state of H20. This is an important book! But don't my word on it.

"Like the best science-fiction and fantasy novels... there is little that is cute or cuddly" 
    -Jon Michaud, The New Yorker

"Words worth remembering in the age of Obama." 
    -Sam Jordison, The Guardian

"Good book"
    -David, Amazon

"The story is fantastic, but the writing will always remain unbearable"
    -Bookworm Sean, Goodreads

"I loved it but is the rest of the series worth reading?"
    -CHERNO-B1LL, reddit
My overall review for this book is: it's good. It was difficult to read at times and the plot favored brief description of action instead of the action itself which kills the pacing of the book but the overall world Frank Herbert has built along with the characters that inhabit it are interesting, well written, and very deep. It is a vibrant future full of humanity, spice, and religion as oppose to your typical sci-fi future of metal and machines. This book is worth reading and if you fall in love with it then by all means continue on with the series. I enjoyed it but did not feel the need to read any further.

I hope you had as much fun reading this review as I did writing it. Be on the lookout for a new review next Friday from my top reads of 2015 list. Also on Wednesday there will be an extra review over the most disappointing book I read from last year. Have a good Friday.


  1. "Good book"
    That is my favorite review of a book of all time forever and always.

    I'll have to add this book to my list. It sounds really interesting.

    1. There is a lot in the series to get into if you fall in love with it. But yeah, at least read the first book.